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PLEASE NOTE: All photographs taken by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr. are Copyright 2004, with all rights of duplication and reproduction reserved to the photographer (myself). Other photographs in these galleries were taken by my travel-buddy, a Swiss named Werner Baumgartner, and his images are also Copyright 2004, with all rights of duplication and reproduction reserved to Werner Baumgartner. None of our images should be used elsewhere for any purpose unless you have gotten from us a written statement giving you authorization to do so.

I anticipate that many of these images, in a larger size format, will end up in Book 7 of my Earth-Trekker series, which will be largely a photo-journal. That entry in the series will be a supplemental one, and will be titled Earth Tracks And Street Tracts: A Trek In Pictures..

To get all the details of my world-travel expeditions-- which became a very mind-opening experience for me-- please try reading my multi-volume Earth-Trekker series, which will make you a lot more familiar with the people and places that are displayed in the photos. I'll also be getting these web galleries annotated before too many months go by, when I am able to find time to do so.

The first 5 books in the Earth-Trekker series are just about complete, and the titles for these are as follows:

Book 6, which I've barely started, is to be titled:

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