About The Trekker

I'm Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr. (Ken Street), and I have a degree in English Literature; I've also completed studies in Biblical Literature at a Baptist seminary. Additionally, I've done some post-graduate studies in Educational Media and Library Science. I got the "travel bug" at age 17, when I was part of a little expedition that drove down to Florida to view the launch of Apollo 11. After that trip, I went on to spend a great many months visiting other nations --- England, Holland, Italy, Greece, Crete, Israel, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and Korea --- plus other exotic spots like the Pacific islands of Hawaii, Guam, Ponape, and Kosrae. These bigger expeditions became a source of inspiration for many of my writings. Having made two lengthy treks in Nepal, I eventually started to think of myself as a trekker on the Earth, one searching for enlightenment.

Hence the name "Earth-Trekker," which is a self-administered classification -- not particularly a label with which someone else has tagged me. It's a designation that seemed appropriate to me even at a rather young age.

Later on in life, I realized that I am more precisely a pilgrim in a strange land, just passing through here on my way to another place.

In the 1970's, I was a devoted science-fiction fan and an ardent evolutionist, and during that time I even adopted much of the thinking of the New Age cults --- much to my befuddlement! But then in the year 1980, I completely rejected evolutionism and all those New Age thought-patterns for a much better Way.

In the times when I was not engaged in a travel expedition or writing books, I often worked in public schools as a school librarian. An American of British ancestry, I was quite a globe-trotter during my single years, and during my fourth visit to South Korea (1984), I married a Korean lady named Nansook Kim. By then I was 32 years old, and my bride was 23.

In childhood, I was raised as a Presbyterian by my parents, but in later life (January 1988) I became a Baptist. That same year (1988), I "dropped in" at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, located in the town of Wake Forest, NC. My motivation then was a strong desire to get prepared for work overseas --- because I hoped to find employment for a few years as a (self-supporting) English instructor for some university in Taiwan, China, or Korea. I got stuck there in Wake Forest for about 7 years, during which time I also worked for the seminary as one of the campus security guards. My wife Nan and I have two sons who are exceptionally bright children, both of them having been classified as "gifted students" at all the schools they have attended. My oldest son Josh is currently a second-year student at the College of William and Mary, which is commonly regarded as a public "Ivy League" school. His phenomenal SAT score (accomplished prior to his entrance to this college) left his dad in a state of shock and excessive pride, but I'm afraid Josh doesn't like for me to talk about it much.

Copyright 2004 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr.