Earth-Trekker's Scan Albums - Travel Photos & Souvenirs
..... 1979 Japan

Images Copyright 2004 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr.
-- all rights reserved, not to be reproduced in any form without written permission.

(These galleries are mostly for friends who are reading Preview copies of my 5 Earth-Trekker Books;
others won't recognize these people and places till I add descriptive notes.)

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1979_Japan_033.jpg 1979_Japan_034.jpg 1979_Japan_035.jpg 1979_Japan_036.jpg
1979_Japan_037.jpg 1979_Japan_038.jpg 1979_Japan_039.jpg 1979_Japan_040.jpg
1979_Japan_041.jpg 1979_Japan_042.jpg 1979_Japan_043.jpg 1979_Japan_044.jpg
1979_Japan_045.jpg 1979_Japan_046.jpg 1979_Japan_047.jpg 1979_Japan_048.jpg
1979_Japan_049.jpg 1979_Japan_050.jpg sBook_Cover_Blish_CIF1_1b.jpg sBook_Cover_Blish_CIF4_1b.jpg
sBook_Cover_Dune1_1b.jpg sBook_Cover_Dune2_1b.jpg sBook_Cover_DuneMessiah_1b.jpg sBook_Cover_SMD_1b.jpg
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