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It's simple. Just hold the mouse cursor over the English words, then see a pop-up box with translation help.

1. First, be sure you have enabled Java Script as your choice in the "Preferences" area of your browser. Then you select the correct language code for your internet browser. You must have the right language fonts already installed, but some newer browsers will download them and auto-install as soon as you try to choose a new language from the "Encoding" menu.

2. For most browsers, look under the "View" menu for "Encoding" or "Character Set," then choose the correct language code.

3. For these documents, you must select "Japanese (Shift-JIS)" as your choice for the language code.

(These should work for IBM-clone computers using Windows 95 upward. Mac users may find these documents non-functional.)

(For this "Japanese-Help" version, the Netscape browser seems to work better than Microsoft's. Both work, but Microsoft's "Internet Explorer" seems to omit some of the words that should be there with Japanese-dictionary definitions.)

Tracts for Japanese Readers -- Click on links below.

With Japanese Language Aid:

Divine Selection: God's Developmental Program
For Earth

A Logical Solar System

The Cosmic Theater

The God-Man Interface

The Reality Zone

The Star Of Royal Beauty

A Supernova At Armageddon

An Ocean Of Lights

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