God's Explanation Of Human History And His Goal
For Our Planet Earth

As Envisioned by Kenneth Street, the Earth-Trekker
And Written Down By Him

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1) Divine Selection 2) A Logical Solar System 3) The Cosmic Theater
4) The God-Man Interface 5) The Reality Zone 6) The Star of Royal Beauty
7) A Supernova At Armageddon 8) An Ocean Of Lights


Copyright 2004 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr., Used By Permission.
Taken from his book Earth-Trekker's Voyage: Exploring The Solar System.

1. Divine Selection Section Links

The Biblical scheme of Earth's history and direction reveals My Own Developmental Program for Earth. . . a long-range plan by which I Myself will transform and re-populate the planet Earth . . .

It's a vision of vast scope, of fulfilled predictions . . . and of mind-boggling expectations . . .

My developmental plan for your Universe is an astounding program of transformations . . . !

1. A theme of WARFARE runs through the many books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. You there see evidence of angelic warfare, and of historic military warfare between God's chosen people and the ungodly nations.

In My Book, there are predictions of further warfare between the elect of Christ and the anti-Christian forces, and of a final great battle at Armageddon that will take place on your Earth.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE devastates the planet Earth until Christ's Kingdom comes!

2. A theme of APOCALYPTIC DESTRUCTION and RE-CREATION runs through the books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. You see this in the Genesis record of Noah and the Great Flood, and in the predictions of the Old Testament prophets.

Jesus himself speaks of this in great detail as he is quoted in Mat. 24, Luke 17:24-37, and other places in the gospels. There are many such references in the epistles, and the final book, John's Revelation of Jesus Christ, is devoted almost exclusively to this subject.

3. A theme of the SURVIVAL OF A REMNANT who are loyal to God runs through the many books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

4. Rather than the Darwinian concept of "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest" (meaning the strongest) in a scheme of evolution, Your God's system of development is quite different!

Your God's plan is that there will be "DIVINE ELECTION" of all those who have chosen to accept His system of grace and mercy through Jesus Christ, and His plan calls for a "SURVIVAL OF THE LOYAL" instead.

5. In this scheme which Your God Himself has formulated, it is not the STRONGEST who survive, but rather the SUBMISSIVE!

In this regard, it is certainly true that Your God can make the weak person become strong. But a person who is too strong and egotistical Your God may choose to crush, in order that he -- or she-- will be humbled and will become submissive to the will of God!

6. Your God is continuously harvesting the Earth as His ever-progressing plan of DIVINE SELECTION goes forward, through a wise and millennia-long program of evaluation-- through interminable testing of people and a very lengthy developmental process of SELECTING and REJECTING.

7. Thus, a theme of DIVINE SELECTION through a LONG-RANGE DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAM becomes evident.

8. This calls for a MAJOR SHIFT IN THE WORLD-VIEW that is held by any individual. It truly requires a COPERNICAN REVOLUTION IN THE MIND-SET of a human being.

9. You humans must comprehend with an entirely new way of looking at the universe-- for to be among the redeemed, to be among the survivors who are granted eternal life, you must place JESUS CHRIST AT THE CENTER OF YOUR UNIVERSE, in the very place where once YOUR OWN EGO had ruled supreme!

10. You can do this by placing Jesus Christ, who within the Trinity of God created your Universe, upon a throne at the center of your heart! He deserves that position and that kind of respect. He was first God The Son, but when born in human flesh he became the only sinless and righteous person who ever lived. Yet he sacrificed himself on a cross for your sake, taking all guilt and sins upon himself, in order that you and your race -- all the people of the Earth -- might be saved from eternal torment. My Son did this, in order that whoever wishes for salvation might be rescued from the due punishment of sins.

11. If you will do this, you will gain a new contentment and peace as you accept God's organizational plan for the Universe . . . because you'll be letting God be the Ruler of All Things in your world . . . and in your own life.

My servant Matthew was a constant companion of My Son Jesus, and was his devoted disciple. Matthew has written in My Book these words of Jesus: "The kingdom of heaven is like a net that God has cast into the sea, and it gathers of every kind: When it is full, it will be pulled up on the shore, where they will sit down to sort the catch, and they will collect the good fish in baskets, but the bad things will be thrown away. This is the way it will be at the end of the world: The angels shall come forth, and they will separate the unrighteous persons from among those justified by God..." [13:47-50]

Jesus spoke of the people of God as being like a seed that is growing secretly. My servant Mark has written in My Book these words of My Son Jesus: "As for the kingdom of God, it is as if a person should cast seed into the ground; and then he sleeps, and he rises up night and day to see that the seed is springing forth and always growing up, although he knows not exactly how. The Earth is bringing forth fruit from itself; first the blade, then the ears of corn, and after that the fullness of the ears of corn. And when all the fruit of the Earth has come forth, immediately God will use the sickle to reap the fields, because the harvest-time has come." [4:26-29].

Your God is continuously harvesting the Earth . . . as His long-range plan for the Earth's transformation goes ever forward . . .

Copyright 2004 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr., Used By Permission.
Taken from his book Earth-Trekker's Voyage: Exploring The Solar System.

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Earth-Trekker's Voyage: Exploring The Solar System

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