God's Explanation Of Human History And His Goal
For Our Planet Earth

As Envisioned by Kenneth Street, the Earth-Trekker
And Written Down By Him

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7) A Supernova At Armageddon 8) An Ocean Of Lights


Copyright 2004 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr., Used By Permission.
Taken from his book Earth-Trekker's Voyage: Exploring The Solar System.

5. The Reality Zone Section Links

A human being often feels that his teachers forgot to tell him something quite crucial. . . and somehow he has been "left out of the information loop" in the most vital areas of human knowledge! Many of your race do feel this way!

Today's world is an Earth where you humans are ceaselessly bombarded with information that comes at you from a great variety of sources. People are often assaulted (or they are at least ceaselessly pelted) by data coming from co-workers, peers, the internet, cellular phones, weather satellites, computer programs, TV, etc.

Yet most people feel that they just can't understand this strange universe in which they live.

You humans often suspect that you may have taken a wrong turn somewhere . . . and so got yourself lost in the vast universe of the "information highway." You often feel like you just don't know where you are in this universe, even though you tried hard to stay knowledgeable, tried to keep up to the normal speed of all the other travelers.

Reasonable questions: What's my present location? How did I get here? How do I get out of here?

It's true that you human beings live on Earth in a world where impermanence is the norm.

Many persons feel your planet is only a world of lies, delusions, and half-truths that travels in a circular orbit till the end of time . . . they see Earth as a planet that has no other appointed route except the normal motion of its perpetual loop as it follows its proper orbit around the Sun.

Does your planet revolve around a pillar of truth at the universal center... or does a world of illusions travel in an endless loop to nowhere?

For many people, Earth is a very weird place . . . full of strange experiences that seem to spring forth from the Nightmare Zone. Others see Earth, not as the once-and-future Garden of God, but as a "funny farm" that is populated by crazy folk.

Even for Christians, it's clear that "God's Garden" is full of weeds and is not what it should be!

In this wild world of culture-clash and transition-trauma, many people are now starting to experience what you may call "REALITY SHOCK." The long-prevalent belief in "relative truths" and "no absolute knowledge" has proven itself to be a shaky and uncertain structure built on a foundation of shifting sands. It is collapsing all around you.

GREETINGS FROM THE REALITY ZONE! There is a solution to the confusion of an irrational universe!

By adopting a Godly perspective, humans can exchange the weird confusion of their Nightmare Zone universe for something far different. They can pass through an opened door into the Reality Zone . . . and find a logical Universe that is not just orderly but organized with a solid core of Absolute Truth as its very center and its foundation.

Today humans can discover a Truth-Center that exists as the stabilizing force at the core of your Universe . . . and at last enter the Reality Zone.

Jesus Christ is the brilliant Light-Source that God has established as a pillar of truth at the center of your Universe . . . !

In the Trinity of God, Christ was right at the center of things at the very time when your vast Universe was first created! It is only through Jesus Christ (not through a Big-Bang Cosmos alone) that the inhabitants of your world can experience a genuine "knowledge explosion!"

Your fellow humans can experience the brilliant clarity of a personal "knowledge explosion" that will enlighten your entire universe. They can displace the darkness in their own minds and hearts with the brilliance of Jesus Christ.

By adopting a Godly perspective, your fellow human can achieve a logical solar system for all the interactive elements of his life and world-view.

If this universe seems disorganized, cruel, and chaotic to a human being, it's time to exchange your own microcosm (your personal world-view) for the macrocosm of God. And together with the intellectual salvation that God's perspective on the Universe will offer you, you will also get relief from hellish loneliness and bitterness that often results from a wrong-thinking and wrong-acting life.

Before his embodiment as Jesus, the Christ was already God the Son, unified in a Trinity with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. As such, he is then Creator of your Universe and guardian of true knowledge.

In your world you meet many liars and deceivers, but in Jesus Christ you find a solid foundation. Jesus really is the only way of escape from the confusion and evil of your universe; he is the foundation of truth, and he is also a doorway to eternal life for a massive population on Earth that is greatly in need of rescue.

Copyright 2004 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr., Used By Permission.
Taken from his book Earth-Trekker's Voyage: Exploring The Solar System.

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Earth-Trekker's Voyage: Exploring The Solar System

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