God's Explanation Of Human History And His Goal
For Our Planet Earth

As Envisioned by Kenneth Street, the Earth-Trekker
And Written Down By Him

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Copyright 2004 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr., Used By Permission.
Taken from his book Earth-Trekker's Voyage: Exploring The Solar System.

8. An Ocean Of Lights Section Links

Human beings look up at the blackness of space, and they wonder what they should make of this strange Universe in which they find themselves. They see the Earth and the stars of the night sky, and they think that perhaps those starry lights have been placed above them as new territory that they must someday seek to conquer.

For countless centuries, the people of your Earth have labored under a misconception of that sort. But there is another way to perceive the starry Universe which surrounds you, a perspective that will give you a much better gestalt.

I want you to have a good understanding of your Universe, so that you see the overall picture and are able to comprehend your own place in that picture. I want you to have a Godlike Overview of your Universe as you behold its various manifestations.

It is certainly not correct to think of your Universe as a black void, or as an ocean of darkness, that must be traversed by human beings. Nor is it a Great Emptiness that is sporadically lit by little candles of light. Nor is it a vast territory that must be conquered by humanity.

It is far more accurate to conceive your Universe as an Ocean of Lights.

I have said in My Book that the angels of God are "the stars of Heaven." I have told you in My Book that My Son Jesus Christ is "the light of the world." I have told you that His followers are able to reflect the light of Christ and be likewise "a light for the world."

Your Universe may be best understood as an ocean of angels and spirits. The righteous angels who remained loyal to their Creator are the bright angels -- the bright stars of your Universe. Where they reside, there is a region of illumination. The unrighteous angels who fell from grace with Lucifer are the dark angels -- the dark stars of your Universe. Where they reside, there is a region of darkness and despair.

The dark angel is like a "black hole" in your Universe: This dark star has extinguished all light in its vicinity, and it seeks to swallow any light-waves that come its way. Everything that falls under its sway is sucked into it, and it stays busy consuming and destroying all things that come within range of its influence. It is a mistake to go near those dark areas, for these dark stars would like to pull you down to Hell, in order that you might share their own sorry state.

The bright angels are like the white stars, blue-white stars, yellow stars, and red stars of your Universe: Each bright star can provide light, warmth, and nourishment for a solar system that is composed of many worlds and millions of individuals. A righteous angel can thus be of enormous help to a great many people, as well as to the God he serves.

But none of these bright angels can have an impact nearly so great as the beneficial influence of My Son the Christ, whose brilliant light can bring far more healing and nourishment than could ever be found in one of the bright angels. The influence of the Light of Christ is vastly more beneficial than that of any other agent in My starry Universe.

Human beings have spirits that can provide additional light for the shadowy areas of your Universe, where the dark angels have done their damage. An unsaved human being is able to generate almost no light at all, so he is rather like a dead star.

But when that human being has been converted by the redemption of the Christ, he becomes instead like a tiny newborn sun, with the fire of God's Holy Spirit imbedded within him. Embodied in a biological shell is the fire of God's Spirit, blazing deep within. The light and warmth that issues from his spirit-star, this inner sun which he carries everywhere he goes, can nourish innumerable people on the surface of the Earth.

He or she then becomes an agent of God, a miniature star living in a human form which walks the Earth -- reflecting the Light of God in a fashion similar to My angels and My Son the Christ. At first his faith will be quite strong, as a general rule, and the converted person will put out quite a bit of light. Later on, as the years go by, he sometimes gets worn-out by the struggles and cares of life; but even then, he will manage to put out a little extra light for the world.

If We were to continue our comparison with the stars of the night sky, one might say that the unregenerated man is, at the best evaluation, a bit like a miniature of a white-dwarf star -- his spirit is a near-dead sun, a dying star that does not put out much light or heat.

Through the salvation of Jesus Christ, the Child of Darkness will see his spirit suddenly burst aflame with the fire of God. In his soul there will be kindled a new flame, which can eventually transform him into a miniature sun for God, like a small reflection of the Sun of Righteousness. If he seeks to truly follow his savior, and if he adheres to the teachings of Jesus Christ . . . then he will generate a genuine light and warmth that will be recognized by many persons, and he will become a miniature reflection of the Sun of Righteousness.

Do not conceive of your Universe as a place of great darkness and despair. Avoid that route if you are able to do so. By such a perception, you will experience only grief and unhappiness.

Do not think of your Universe as an Ocean of Darkness, in which you are riding upon the tiny raft which is the Earth. It is far better to think of your Universe as an Ocean of Spirit, a great sea of angels and souls.

The angels and spirits of your Universe need the Light in order to flourish, if they are to thrive and prosper. They must receive that Light from God, and then channel it outward to the others around them.

In the region of the dark stars are the demonic forces, so you must stay far away from these "black holes" which exist in your Universe. The demons need no more companions for their horrid hells, so you humans should not permit them to gain that sick pleasure which they would find in your despair.

My Universe is not a Great Void, nor a Vast Realm of Darkness. Your God is a God of Light, and I AM everywhere, omnipresent, existing in all parts of your Universe at all times.

I AM Light, and I AM everywhere in your Universe. My energy-waves, the energy-waves of the God of Life, exist in all parts of your Universe, even in the dark spaces between the galaxies.

Copyright 2004 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr., Used By Permission.
Taken from his book Earth-Trekker's Voyage: Exploring The Solar System.

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Earth-Trekker's Voyage: Exploring The Solar System

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