God's Explanation Of Human History And His Goal
For Our Planet Earth

As Envisioned by Kenneth Street, the Earth-Trekker
And Written Down By Him

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Copyright 2004 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr., Used By Permission.
Taken from his book Earth-Trekker's Voyage: Exploring The Solar System.

6. The Star of Royal Beauty Section Links

Stars, clusters, galaxies, and angels float above human heads at night, far above the Earth -- up there where they are hanging in the black void of outer space like decorative, flashing Christmas ornaments on a darkened tree.

Of all these shimmering lights, is there any one which is clearly the most extraordinary and most spectacular?

Which of these many great lights in Heaven is assuredly the most splendid and glorious of them all?

You now know the answer to these questions! And this is the message which must be disseminated among all peoples of the planet Earth!

For countless centuries, all human beings on the Earth have been looking up to the stars of the night sky -- with a great awe, with wonder, and with incomprehension. While you have been tirelessly seeking after wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment, and a prescient awareness of the future of your Universe, you have always looked upward to the stars for answers to the riddle of existence and the mysteries of the cosmos.

For many millennia, the stars of the night sky have attracted you, magnetically and persistently, and your strong fascination with the starscape of the night has led the human race to its current (and very ancient) infatuation with astrology, astronomy, and astrophysics.

Now you continue your search for enlightenment with the aid of powerful computers, with weather satellites, and vehicles of space exploration.

Your natural human desire to gain wisdom and enlightenment, even a foreknowledge of the Earth's direction and your world's future fate, is a very strong compulsion.

You ask yourselves, "What indeed is the organizational plan, direction, and fate of this vast Universe in which you live -- what is its purpose, and what is the meaning of it all? What is the secret meaning of all those mysterious stars which have so long inspired, taunted, and intrigued the human beings of planet Earth?"

Humans should know that the Bible refers to the angels of Heaven as "the stars" of God.

Your God's greatest glory is a mystical star of the Heavens named Jesus Christ. He is not merely an angel, for He is above them and superior to them, a bright being of blindingly brilliant light.

Before His human incarnation as Jesus, He was already God the Son, co-existing with the Father God and beloved by Him since before the Creation of your Universe.

As such, He is now again with God and remains what He has always been: the most brilliant being of the Heavens, brighter than all the angels who are called "the stars of God."

When Jesus was on Earth among you, He told you "I am the light of the world," saying also that He is "the light of life." He wasn't exaggerating at all when He spoke those words. As God the Son, in the unity of His eternal existence as part of the Divine Trinity of God, Jesus Christ had been there at the very Creation of your Universe.

When Your God spoke the Universe into being with the phrase "Let there be light," it was the Christ who had brought it about.

Like a dazzling Sun presiding over the embryonic development of a system of planets, Jesus Christ had been there as an eyewitness at the very Creation of the cosmos. In fact, the Bible teaches that "all things were made through Him," that "the world was made through Him," and "all things were made for Him."

Later on, the Star of Royal Beauty was born in a human form as a small baby boy who was destined to walk the ground of Earth, and a very fitting thing transpired.

As God the Son was being born to the Earth, the Star of Bethlehem -- a very large and luminous star -- had appeared in a quite conspicuous way for the time of this momentous occasion. It was signaling to the planet Earth a bit of amazing news, that a new king -- in fact, the King of all kings -- was being born in a manger in Bethlehem.

The true Light that gives light to every person was coming into the world, and the Star of Bethlehem symbolized that colossal event.

But the Star of Bethlehem was not really the Royal Star of God. The Royal Star of God was in the newborn infant Jesus, who actually embodied it! He was in the world at last, fulfilling all the many prophecies, and though the world was made through Him, it did not recognize Him.

The Light had come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light, because their deeds were evil. Satan then moved King Herod to murder all the babies in Bethlehem in a single horrific mass execution.

Herod hoped that the merciless slaughter of all those tiny babes would prevent the rise of a new king. The usurper Satan had stolen God's throne on Earth, and likewise had no desire to see Jesus ascend to power, for he might then recover God's throne on Earth. Therefore, Satan was hopeful that he might somehow extinguish the Light of the world by snuffing it when Jesus was still a small babe.

But their plans failed, and not all the evil men in your world could douse the light that spread from the fire of God's Holy Spirit.

As an adult, his many disciples watched as Jesus was transfigured into a being of bright light after a period of intense prayer: His face shone like the Sun, and His clothes became white with a radiant white light. And in the midst of the radiant white light which was emanating from Jesus, they saw two great prophets of the past, Moses and Elijah (who were long dead and gone), had been raised from the dead and were talking with Jesus!

The true radiance of Jesus Christ, the Royal Star of God, then became very evident to the disciples, for at that time He was shining like the Sun! Later on, Satan was successful in his long effort to provoke humanity to even murder God's Son, so Jesus died a torturous death by crucifixion on a cross of wood. Satan hoped to bury the Seed of God in a dirty grave. But Jesus was soon resurrected from the tomb in which He had been planted, and He was seen by crowds of 500 or more before He finally ascended -- radiant in a glorified body -- back to Heaven and His place with the Father.

The Bible tells you also that when Jesus one day comes back to Earth again, all human eyes will see His brilliant radiance as He descends through the skies, and His eyes will then burn like fire! (That is because He will return next time as the conquering King, even though His first appearance had been that of a suffering Servant. The Lamb of God will then be seen as the Lion of God.) And in the Heavenly City which is yet to come, there will be no sun and no more night, because the brilliant radiance of God-with-Men will then illuminate all the world.

All these things are intended to be clues for you -- a reliable witness and a sound evidence to the glory of God manifested in Jesus Christ.

Another great sign to the human race lies in the very constellations of the starry skies that float above your heads at night: God has foretold the gospel story of a Virgin and a child Savior even in the Zodiac signs of the night sky!

Like the prophet Isaiah and other prophets among the nation of Israel, the ancient Persian astrologers, in their study of the Zodiac, had also predicted the coming of a child Savior who would be born of a Virgin. This doubtless played a major part in persuading the "three wise men" to follow a bright new star that would lead them to Jesus.

By all these signs you are informed of the brilliant luminosity of God the Son, who once embodied the physical human form of Jesus Christ, but who now lives at the right hand of His Father in a glorified resurrection body of incredible radiance.

In so many ways have the stars of the heavens been always pointing you to the glorious Star of Royal Beauty! Jesus is truly God the Son, the Royal Star of God, and He shines with a white-hot brilliance as He emanates the Perfect Light of God's holiness and purity. You humans are truly blessed whenever you have a new opportunity to bask for a time in His radiance . . . or to reflect just a little of His light for others who inhabit this planet with you.

This Jesus is the glorious Light of the Universe, a shining point of light that radiates peace, love, and warmth to the entire human race, even as does the Sun. He alone provides the means by which you escape the darkness of this Universe.

Jesus now illuminates all the wide Universe, and He offers enlightenment to all the people of Earth. Human beings who are bewildered by the distressing difficulty of your world -- all who are appalled by the chaotic sinfulness or the injuriousness of this life on Earth -- must look to Jesus Christ for the blessing of comprehension and the grace of His enlightenment.

The Christ alone is a True Source of Perfect Light -- the only reliable and valid source of that Godlike knowledge, love, forgiveness, and understanding to which you all aspire.

Jesus Christ is God the Son, the Royal Star of beauty bright. He is indeed the brightest star of Heaven, more brilliant than any sun in this Universe. He alone can provide your desperately cold planet with the warmth, vision, love, and safety for which you are in such great need. In the glow of that light which He radiates, human beings will find real nourishment for the mind, and the nurture of a healthy-growth environment for your lives on Earth.

God's Royal Star is a beacon of hope in the blackness of space, and like a dweller in a Lighthouse He can guide you through all the cosmic storms and the hostile weather of your world. Jesus is a dedicated savior living in the Lighthouse of God's Universe, and he always beckons to you as He seeks to guide you into the safety of God's Heaven.

If you see God's heroic Light and choose to follow after it, He will one day open up His House of Light for you, admitting you to the safety of His Heaven. There your heart will at last rest peaceful and calm, knowing that your lifetime on Earth was not in vain, because you lived your days seeking to reach the matchless light of Jesus Christ.

Copyright 2004 by Roddy Kenneth Street, Jr., Used By Permission.
Taken from his book Earth-Trekker's Voyage: Exploring The Solar System.

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Earth-Trekker's Voyage: Exploring The Solar System

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